Mystery Scents (Value Bundles Available)

Mystery Scents (Value Bundles Available)

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Get in quickly for an exciting and exclusive perfume surprise!

Be the owner of unique, limited edition perfume blends. Only 2 of each scent made, unlabeled, unbridaled and never to be repeated wonder in a bottle. 

Enjoy our collection of the best blends evolving on their journey of creation. These are the precursor blends to the final range of natural perfumes we are about to release.

We have an array of quality mystery scents available singularly or in value bundles of 2 and 3 viles, giving you the power of choice and diversity.

Purchase 2 for $22 or 3 for $30!

Also a great mystery gift for someone who likes to have what no one else can.

Made with only high quality 100% essential oils and a Jojoba carrier oil, packaged in a handy 5ml roller bottle these blends are perfect carry everywhere perfumes.

Note* Please be aware that these oil blends can not be reproduced and come with no ingredients list on the label. We always recommend a patch test with any new blends on a small area of skin for 12 hours before applying liberally. We also do not recommend these blends for children or pregnant women.

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