Copy of Markets

Please see our market dates below for the next few weeks!

Just click on the market name to check out their details, address, times, news etc. 

Sunday 28th July - Palmyra Western Farmers Market (MEGA)

Saturday 3rd August - Kyilla Farmers Market 

Sunday 4th August - Growers Green farmers Market (BIG CRAFT)

Sunday 18th August - Growers Green Farmers Market

Sunday 25th August - Palmyra Western Farmers Market (MEGA)

 Sunday 15th September - PERTH UP MARKETS! (BIG EVENT)

We love the markets!!! Community markets, farmers markets, street parties, annual festivals, sunset events, specialised makers events regional celebrations and more.

We love them mostly because this is where we get to meet you personally, chat about life, business, meet your new puppy, your kids or see the amazing veggies you just got from a local grower. We also get to talk shop and show you our products first hand, answer questions and watch you experience them for the first time.

We also know markets are at the heart of many small businesses. Markets serve both the retailer and customer, keep us honest, accountable and in touch with our customer base like no other medium can. Even larger established businesses are returning to the market space because they realise the value of local connections.

You can find us at a number of Markets throughout the year. Sometimes we don't have a lot of notice about acceptance into certain markets however we will do our best to keep this section updated for at about a month in advance to make it easier for you to find us. For bigger events, we will post these as soon as we are accepted. 

You can also follow on instagram or facebook to find out where we are located each week.