About Us

Our Story

Our story started with a problem and turned into quality products we are excited to share with you.

The problem

For some time, we had both been suffering from itchy rashes and painful cysts on our underarms. We now know this problem is/was shared by so many of you. We felt we had no choice but to make some meaningful changes to what products we used on our bodies and the first was to find a natural deodorant we were happy with.

So we started to research and then tried a number of natural deodorants. We have heard that many of you have also shared that long and expensive journey!

We tried so many natural deodorants in all forms and none quite did the trick. They were either too dry, too wet, too oily, dripped off, caked up, made us itch more, didn’t last, smelt worse than the smell we were treating, or were just not effective enough.  

The solution

We made our own! Quite a few of our own actually, before getting it right.

During this 18-month trial stage, we researched hard, sought the knowledge of the Naturopaths and Aromatherapists we knew to help us decide the best balance of ingredients and essential oils that were the most effective, safe, easy to apply and smelt just right.

And so the Pure blend was born, and our underarm problems ceased to exist within days. We loved using it and it wasn’t long before we were telling our loved ones about it.

So, our family tried it, then our friends tried it, then recommended it to their friends and family then everyone wanted more! With us both working full time, we couldn’t keep up nor did we have time to develop a business as a side hustle.

But wait….

Around this time, one of us was made redundant from what we thought was a secure career. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball to stop you in your tracks. We faced a crossroad. Do we get serious and do what it takes to share what we had created with the world or send one of us back to the 9-5 (the latter becoming less attractive by the second). Its obvious what we chose. 

The Start

ELIA balms & blends was founded in October 2018 and is run by us, Mia and Jane. The letters of ELIA are a combination of our family’s first names. Mia is creator and Tech and Jane is pretty much all the other stuff and we make all big decisions as a team.

We are a small WA family business and proud of the products we have crafted for you. Which, you can see is now more than just the Pure deodorant blend. Over time we would like to offer you a suite of quality everyday body products that makes choosing natural easy.

What we stand for

We pride ourselves on running a business that has integrity, quality and openness as its defining values. We aim to offer the kind of experience we appreciate from other businesses: responsive, honest, friendly and knowledgeable service that continues to improve as we learn and grow.

We look forward to a world where natural is norm, not alternative and people take care of themselves with quality products that are effective and don’t cause harm.

We want to be part of creating that world.

Thanks for reading this far down!

Natural love from

Mia and Jane